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Aquachek mps test strips

Aquachek mps test strips
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Aquachek mps test strips

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Monopersulfate is an oxidizing agent used in mineral purification systems (like the Frog systems, for expample) for brominated pools and spas. It can eliminate wastes in a pool without the unpleasant side effects of chlorine. Monopersulfate can eliminate impurities through oxidation, and conserve the chlorine residual for killing bacteria. Best of all, monopersulfate does not leave behind any irritating or unpleasant byproducts when it oxidizes wastes.

    50 Test Strips per bottle
  • Tests for 3 important chemistries in just 15 seconds: potassium monopersulfate, pH, and total alkalinity
  • Salt test demonstration video

Product Weight : 3.00 lbs


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