Tidal fit 12' swim spa-s.o.

Tidal fit 12' swim spa-s.o.
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Tidal fit 12' swim spa-s.o.

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Brand : TidalFit Swim Spas
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This all-American company is an award winning one; for their custom, uniquely handcrafted, high-performance, hydrotherapy luxury spas and exercise pools. The ActivePlus EP-12 Swim Spa is a great solution for staying healthy and relaxing your body. Enjoy the health benefits of hydrotherapy, exercise, and relaxation with friends and family, or alone. This 12 foot long swim spa has ample room for exercising or relaxation, if you'd rather let the jets do the work. Hydrotherapy and water exercises have been known to have a lot more benefits than just relieving stress. Here are some perks to the already great hydrotherapy-

  • reduce stress (of course), as well as high blood pressure
  • headaches and chronic pain can be alleviated, or even completely heal
  • stay heart healthy and build muscle while exercising weightlessly in the water-- which of course is great for anyone with joint pain
  • sleep!? yes- the circulation of water and warmth encourages the body to unwind and relax which leads to a more restful sleep
  • massaging jets will certainly sooth tight muscles, but did you know it can help improve flexibility of those muscles too? this also means improved restorative benefits.
  • family time- can't leave out the idea of spending time with the family. there's plenty of room for kids to swim while the adults sit, fully submerged, in their seats
    Click here for TidalFit Brochure for more info on features-both standard and optional

Assembled Dimensions

Depth : 144 inches
Height : 52 inches
Width : 91 inches