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Univ. sq cooking package

Univ. sq cooking package
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Univ. sq cooking package

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Brought to you by Firetainment and Allstate Home Leisure, this Essential Cooking Package includes everything you need to host the greatest outdoor cooking experience anyone has had. Give your guests a unique, very special, outdoor treat; use the Himalayan Salt Blocks for perfect meats and veggies, or use the Universal Cooking Mount with a fondue kit to make your own fondue for everyone to snack on their favorite chocolate (or cheese!) dipped treats!
This Amazing Cooking Package Includes:

  • Glass Wind Guard- Made of 5" tall, tempered 3/16" glass, the wind guard will give you a more controlled flame, enhancing your ability to cook with ease.
  • Universal Cooking Mount- This ceramic coated mount is engineered to accommodate each Firetainment cooking accessory. Use with your wok, griddle, or fondue set.
  • Cast Iron Griddle- Perfect for blackening and seasoning meats, this 14" griddle heats evenly and quickly for meals cooked to perfection. Prevent spills with a built-in lip.
  • Himalayan Salt Block- Ideal for cooking meat and vegetables, these natural, mineral and nutrient rich blocks are made of 100% salt, harvested from the Himalayan mountains.
  • Surface Thermometer- Track temperatures on any flat surfaced cooking accessory with this surface mount thermometer for perfectly cooked meals, every time.
  • Cooking Mitts- Made of terrycloth and coated with silicone lining, these 13" oven mitts provide heat resistance up to 600 degrees for safe handling of cooking accessories.
  • Cooking & Accessory Guide


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