Tips for Diabetes Month, Hot Tubs Sterling Heights

Allstate Home Leisure, a Jacuzzi Spas and Sundance hot tub dealer serving Sterling Heights, Michigan is pleased to Support National Diabetes Month.

“The best way to fight diabetes is to prevent it, but if it’s too late to stop it, addressing blood sugar highs from Type 2 diabetes can help you live healthier,” said Roy Farmer, president of Allstate Home Leisure.

Here are three tips for addressing blood sugar highs from Type 2 diabetes*

Come Down from a Morning High – The human body increases glucose production during the night in order to compensate for not eating. Eating a small carb-based snack before bed will help keep blood sugar from spiking. A healthy snack should consist of “friendly-carbs” like low-fat yogurt, fruit, or sugar-free popsicles.

Wash it Out – When sugar levels rise during the day, drink water. Water is nature’s purest and most valuable resource for healthy living. It flushes out toxins from the blood and helps the kidneys function more efficiently. When sugar is high, drinking three large glasses of water can help reduce the levels of sugar in the blood.

Soak Away Sugar – Hot tub hydrotherapy is used to help many illnesses and injuries, and is breaking ground in diabetes therapy as well. Soaking every day for a half hour can lower blood sugar and A1 counts in patients with Type 2 diabetes. It can also help with weight loss and improved sleep.

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* Before starting any new diet, exercise or lifestyle program related to Diabetes, please check with your doctor first

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