Hot Tub Safety Tips

May is National Water Safety Month - but really anytime is a good time to talk about safety when using your tub.

Child Safety Tips:

  • Always keep constant-eye contact on children at all times when they are using the hot tub. Just being in the backyard or watching them through the kitchen window doesn't count. Small bodies of water, no matter how deep can be dangerous.
  • Use cover locks to secure your cover to the tub. Most modern covers come with them installed, but if your does not, contact us and we can help get them for you.
  • Check your control panel to see if it has lock-out capabilities. This allows you to lock out power to the jets to keep them from turning them on.
  • Monitor how long they are in the tub to help avoid overheating. If your tub has a cool-down seat (like a Cameo does), consider having them sit there to allow their bodies a chance to cool off for a few minutes.
  • Store your chemicals out of reach and if possible, in a locked cabinet. Also store them away from other household chemicals as certain chemicals can react to others and create fires, fumes or other dangerous reactions.

Adult Safety Tips:

  • If your hot tub has high sides like a Maxxus or Aspen, consider getting a Spa Step to help you get in and out of the tub. These steps come with slip-resistant grips for when you are entering and exiting with wet feet.
  • If you need additional assistance getting in and out, also consider a Safe-T Rail. This installs alongside the tub for additional balance help.
  • To help save your back, consider installing a Cover Lifter to aid in removing and replacing the cover over your hot tub. There are a few varieties of cover lifters available, depending on how your tub is set up.
  • Balance your water levels properly. Some health conditions can be affected by various levels of chemicals in your water. For example, hyothyroidism can be affected by bromine levels. Consult your doctor if you have a condition you may be worried about.